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Social Media Strategy

Elevate your social media with an organic strategy that is simple, clear and actionable
to grow, monetise and engage on social media.


Q) Are you using the power of your social media platforms to work for you or against you?


Optimising your content and having a clear and effective strategy that is purposeful and aligned with your goals is essential to making your social media work for you. If you do this correctly, you can help become a leader in your industry and drive business to you and not from you.

The benefits of having a clear social media strategy will help your business:

  • Increase engagement and growth

  • Increase your brand awareness 

  • Attract the right customers

  • Help you stand out from your competitors

  • Monetise your social media 

  • Direct traffic to your website

  • Create scroll stopping content with purpose


Posting with no clear goal or intent in mind, just to 'keep up' online... is just like spending a ton of money on fresh fruit and veg to be healthy and leaving it in your fridge to eat fast food instead. You may have the right intention in mind, but without taking the right steps and action, your social media is not going to be working as optimally as it could. 

Our Social Media Strategy Plan Includes:

Getting you clear on your key messaging, audience and goals

✅ An audit on your social media + feedback

✅ A Social Media Content Strategy to attract the ideal clients to you

✅ Helping you create beautiful content and infographics (including a month of posts + IG mockup)

✅ A guide to implementing your plan with our recommended tools and tips for social media


Who could this benefit?


This will benefit any small service-based business that needs a fresh new professional perspective and strategy for their social media. If feel you are posting but not really sure what your goals are OR if you want to find that cutting edge from your competitors to stand out and you're ready for growth, then you could benefit from our social media strategy plan. If you become a client with social media management, we will do this with you when you sign up.


Some of the types of businesses we help are allied health, coaches + mentors, fitness trainers, business and lifestyle consultants and construction.


We are passionate about helping build you a clear and effective strategy for your business that you can use and adapt as you continue to grow and kick goals. If you are feeling overwhelmed, not seeing the results you desire OR wanting clear direction on how to optimise your social media for your business; then this is for you.

+ Optional Add On

Want a complete holistic content marketing strategy?

Our social media strategies can be combined with a holistic content strategy for an additional cost, that will help align your social media to your entire marketing goals and give you insight into how you can market your business holistically to ensure that your entire business is aligned with your content and overall goals.


Our holistic marketing strategy includes:

  Social Media Strategy - Everything offered in our social media strategy plan PLUS

✅  Email Marketing - Helping you grow your email lists + lead generation

✅  Website optimisation for leads - design, audit and insight

✅  Automation strategies - How we can help you generate and manage leads and flows

✅  Facebook Ads strategy, campaigns + Audience insights

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Social Media Management

Helping you manage your social media, so you can do more of the things you love.

If you have been doing your social media as a small business owner, you would already know how much of a job it is keeping consistent, coming up with content and engaging with your audience can be. But as a business owner, I'm sure you also know the potential social media has to increase your businesses growth and sales online. 

That's why we have tailored 3 types of packages to help take the stress out of you running your social media. Having a professional social media manager can also help you get clear on your organic marketing strategy, take the worry out of what to post and when and give you your time back to do run your business. That's why all of our new clients must invest in a Social Media Strategy Plan with us before we begin management.


There is only very limited spots available for social management clients as well only work with 3 per month. We only work with businesses that we believe and are aligned with, as we want you to succeed just as much as you. That's why we want to ensure we love what you do and that you love what we do, so we become the perfect (A) team.

Our services include:

✅ Content Planning + Scheduling

✅  Infographic design + creation

✅  Copywriting for your captions

✅  Hashtag research

✅  Community engagement + outreach 

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Lead Generation + Automation

Organic Marketing + Paid Ads

Breathe oxygen into your business with our AIR marketing system to help
generate new leads, get clear on your market + automate your business.

Do you want more leads for your business even when you're sleeping? I mean who wouldn't want that, am I right? After all, having a service-based business means your survival depends on leads being generated into your business ongoing and to have them coming in whilst you sleep would be the dream for any owner I'm sure.

This is our premium done for you marketing service. We work with you to help you implement a complete marketing funnel from start to finish, with our proven AIR system that has helped bring millions into businesses just like yours.


AIR stands for Attract, Inform and Represent.

Our Lead Generation + AIR System includes the following: 

  • Complete Content Strategy Plan 

  • Target Marketing and Competitor Research

  • Facebook Ads setup, management + analysis

  • Roadmaps and tools to help you develop content that makes your clients say "SIGN ME UP NOW"

  • Copywriting and content management 

  • Implementing and testing your funnel 

  • Managing and analysing the data and results

  • Optimising and scaling your campaign to bring even better results

We have only very limited spaces available each month so we want to ensure that we are the perfect fit for you. 

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Tailored Services

We understand every business is different.

Get a custom service created specifically for your business needs.


We understand that your business is unique and with that has specific needs. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your social media and marketing needs and we will put something together that works specifically for you. 

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