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What are Instagram Pods?

Being a social-media professional, with a soft spot for all things Instagram, it is very rare that I stumble across an Insta-trend that I’ve never heard of. With the ever changing algorithm, users have become more crafty when it comes to maximising their engagement and content exposure to ensure the highest potential for likes. Cue the Instagram Pod, a new Instagram tactic developed by users to help each other get maximum exposure and growth. But is it worth it?

How to write the perfect instagram bio.

You only have a mere glance to make a lasting impression on Instagram. The quality of your Instagram bio can determine whether someone clicks that follow button, or keeps on scrolling. Here are a four key elements to make sure you make the most of your first impression and get more followers on Instagram.

The ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags

Hashtags present a fantastic opportunity for brand exposure. We have used hashtags to help our clients connect with quality, engaged customers that went from having no idea their business existed to being loyal shoppers, and evangelists for their brand. Here is the ultimate guide on how to make Instagram hashtags work for you.