6 reasons why you should not outsource your SEO overseas

6 reasons why you should not outsource your SEO overseas

Owning your own website can invite an onslaught of pesky emails and phone calls from “SEO Experts” promising to get your site on the first page of Google, at a suspiciously low price. I recently received an email from a Melbourne based company offering me Google miracles, and after a few phone calls I fell for it and signed my life away.  I was assured that all work was to be conducted in Melbourne, a lie I naively believed.

Alarm bells started to ring when I received a phone call that was obviously from overseas. There was the classic phone center lag between questions and answers and the man on the other line was clearly not from Australia. I ended the phone call requesting a termination of our contract on that grounds that I was not given what I paid for, locally managed SEO services. My request was denied.

Fast forward one month and I could see that login attempts had been made from India, which proved my suspicion. The Australian based company had taken premium price and outsourced my work overseas, I was livid, to say the least. My experience made me realise that this happens to so many hopeful business owners. Due to a lack of SEO understanding and the attractively low price, countless business owners fall prey to the lure of customers finding your business. SEO is not just about where your name comes up in a Google search. It is more importantly about understanding how your customers behave online, what encourages them to click and what happens after they land your website. This sort of understanding comes at a price and requires special attention that I believe cheap overseas companies cannot offer your business.

When it comes to SEO, outsourcing overseas can actually do more damage to your business and can end up costing you more to repair in the long run.

Here are 6 reasons to avoid outsourcing your SEO overseas.

1. Poor practices.

You would never go to a shonky surgeon just because they’re cheap. The same attitude should be applied to hiring an SEO company. Your SEO is serious business, and you want to make sure that you’re paying money to someone that has your integrity at heart. One of the key components of SEO services is link building. If done poorly, the results could mean hefty penalties from Google. The Google algorithm favours other websites linking back to your site. This makes your site seem like an authority, a thought leader, and a reliable source. SEO companies can create links to websites to help you climb up the ranks in Google.

When you outsource overseas you have no control over what links they connect your business with. They can even link your business with pornography, which unless you’re in the business of porn, I’m sure you would not appreciate. These poor link building tactics can trigger a Google penalty, or worse have your business blacklisted. An experienced, highly regarded company will take the time to link your business with legitimate links that are designed to drive traffic to your website.

2. Spelling and grammar mistakes.

Google places a lot of value on websites producing regular, quality content. Outsourcing to an unrepeatable SEO company runs the risk of having poor quality content produced on your behalf. If you want to be a thought leader in Google’s eyes, you have to ensure that your website is free from spelling mistakes. Outsourced SEO means you run the risk of having someone with poor English skills manage your work resulting in bad quality content riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. Hiring a local and reputable SEO company means that your content will be written by native speakers, capable of conveying your brand’s message to the target audience.

3. They take no time to get to know your business.

One of the biggest red flags for me about engaging an unrepeatable SEO company was that they took virtually no time trying to understand the complexities of my business, my product, my competitors or my target audience. If a company takes no times to get to know you, how can they create content that best represents you? When choosing your SEO professional, make sure they take the time to fully understand your brand, rather than speed through to taking your money and disappear into the unknown.

4. No value in long-term relationships.

Let’s face it, you were not the only company on their hit list when they sent you a generic email or made that phone call promising to create SEO miracles for a suspiciously low price. They were casting a wide net in hope of catching as many SEO fish as possible. They are not interested in building long-term relationships with your business because they know you will cancel your service in a couple of months due to a lack of results, they don’t care because they’re already reeling in another naive business owner.

5. Not up to date.

Hiring an overseas provider you run the risk of hiring someone that has not kept up to date with SEO best practices. They may also employ ‘Black Hat” tactics such as keyword stuffing, hidden text, and nasty link schemes that will result in your business being penalised.

6. You waive your rights.

Hiring an overseas provider means you have no legal leg to stand on. An overseas SEO company is not governed by the same consumer laws as we have in Australia. So if something goes wrong, and it most likely will, you have nowhere to turn to for help.

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for, and SEO is no different. Opting for a cheap option can do more damage than it’s worth and costing you more money in the long run. Outsourcing SEO has been likened to outsourcing your marriage. Your relationship with your SEO provider has to be built on trust, authenticity, and transparency. Your online marketing efforts should convey the personality of your brand and demonstrate your expertise in your chosen field. You can’t expect a company with zero understanding of your business, to do represent you in the most authentic way.

If you would like to chat about SEO please do not hesitate to email me and I will gladly answer any questions you may have.

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